Digital SVG Download - Gingerbread Mason Jar Ornaments

Digital SVG Download - Gingerbread Mason Jar Ornaments

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Here is our most popular Christmas ornament for 2021! These mason jar gingerbread ornaments consist of 4 layers (back to front): 

  • 1/8" clear acrylic (clear/blank)
  • 1/4" wood frame (any kind wood - this frame acts as the spacer with string/twine rings)
  • Insert gingerbread at this step before gluing on the next acrylic piece. 
  • 1/8" acrylic (engraved)
  • 1/8" wood (any kind - top layer for clean look)

This file includes the above frames as well as a boy, girl, dog, and cat template. You'll need to "ungroup" the file to make edits. Inkscape: If you can't ungroup, select the items, go to Edit > Clone > Unlink Clone. Font used is "Christmas Gift."

Black - cut; Blue - engrave; Red - score; We use LocTite Go2 Glue for assembly, dragging a small bead around the edges of the wooden frames to attach to the acrylic. 

You may use our photos for marketing until you get your own, but please do not claim as your own. No reselling or modifying and reselling our original file. 

Customer Reviews

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Caitlyn Holland

Digital SVG Download - Gingerbread Mason Jar Ornaments

Mason Jar Ornament

These layouts were really easy to adapt to my laser. They have been a nice addition to my store. Very popular!

Mason Jar Ginger

I really love this piece it complements a big family and is absolutely a beautiful design

Shea Tiquiram
Worked great!

I only got around to cutting one for my assistant. But the file was perfect, worked great. Look forward to making many more for next years season.

Lisa Thompson

The file was perfect!!!!